Khloe Kardashian admits divorce encouraged her weight loss


We never thought the day would come when Khloe Kardashian would end up crediting her weight loss to her divorce from Lamar Odom, but here it is.

She told Cosmo Body: “When me and Lamar were having issues, I decided to channel my energy into working out… if I went out with my girlfriends I would be hounded by paparazzi and made to feel more humiliated."

She also admits: “The gym was my only refuge. I could put music on and dance around with my girlfriends and be silly.”

Fair play, Khloe.

“I genuinely enjoy sweating out my frustrations and living a healthier life. My workouts are not all about vanity. They are about clarity for my mind and soul," she said.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also admits that she lost 13lbs by giving up dairy.

All the hard work has paid off, she is looking fab. Thanks, Lamar. 

The pair are currently not together but are not yet ready to divorce for good.