Khloé faces backlash following shocking Instagram photo


Not too unlike her sister Kim, Khloé knows how to create a stir on the internet!

The reality TV star posted a photo yesterday that has deeply shocked and upset many people, and has since been forced to delete the offending image from Instagram.

The photo, which is a meme, shows Khloé and her sisters, Kim and Kourteny, with a caption that reads: “The only KKK to ever let black men in.”

Khloé captioned the image "True", before facing the heat from her followers. 

Now, we all love a good laugh but it hasn’t surprised us that Khloé faced backlash for this as the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) caused so much devastation for African-Americans in the US since the mid-nineteenth century.

Thankfully, Khloé obviously saw just how offensive her post was, and removed it.