Kendall Jenner has mortifying slip-up at Billboard Music Awards


We bet Kendall Jenner wished the ground could have swallowed her up after her mortifying slip of the tongue on live TV during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards last night.

Kendall looked stunning when she was called up on stage to introduce the Aussie band 5 Seconds of Summer.

The 18-year-old reality TV star and model started off confident, but then she flubbed one of her lines, almost calling the group One Direction!

“You guys! I’m the worst reader,” she said.

Kendall briefly dated One Directioner Harry Styles earlier this year – which makes the moment a hundred times worse!

After the cringe moment, #kendallyouhadonejob started trending on Twitter. Kendall tweeted later on, “Anndddd as if I wasn’t nervous already!!!!#NeverLeavinMyContactsAtHomeAgain! #LOL #LessonLearned.”

Poor Kendall, we feel your pain!