Kelly Osbourne threatens woman on Instagram


Yikes! Don't mess with Kelly Osbourne!

The 30-year-old fashionista took to social media to make sure that the girl she had a run-in with on the slopes knew to sleep with one eye open.

Sharon's daughter wasted no time taking to Instgram and airing her views on a collision she experienced while skiing this weekend.

Posting a photo of her hands, which we have to say, don't look too bad to us, the star began her message with a less-than-friendly greeting, writing: "To the bitch on the slopes that took me down today laughed in my face and did not even stop to see if I was OK."

Oooh, we wonder if the gal in question recognises herself!

Kelly then went on to explain exactly how karma works, posting: "I'm left handed so there is a #BitchSlap coming your way. Lets home (sic) #Karma meets you first!"

Yowza, she means business!