Keith Duffy was ‘attacked’ by six men during family celebration


According to reports, Keith Duffy had to end a family night out in violence after he was attacked by six men last weekend.

The Irish Mail on Sunday reports that Keith was out with his wife, Lisa, and his son, Jay, at celebrity hot spot Lillie's Bordello, when the incident happened.

The family were out celebrating after attending the premiere of their son Jay’s film Handsome Devil at the Audi Dublin Film Festival.


A bit of dinner before the premiere of #handsomesdevil #proudparents @jayduffy #saba

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Insiders claim that the six men started harassing Lisa in the VIP spot of the nightclub, and when Keith stepped in, they surrounded him and started to become aggressive.

"Six guys surrounded him in the club after Lisa came looking for him [after going to find security]," said the source. 

"She was upset by the behaviour of these guys. He got a few digs – there were a few of them. There was six on one.

"They just set on Keith, there was no reason for it, it was unprovoked," they added.

It is understood that Gardaí arrived a short time later but by then Keith had left to go home, therefore he did not provide a statement.