Katy Perry responds to Nicki Minaj’s controversial album cover!


Nicki Minaj’s cover for her new album Anaconda has definitely faced a lot of criticism.

The rapper has spent all day defending her revealing cover – saying that there were double standards surrounding her image and the image of other artists’ in the industry

But despite the negative responses Nicki has received on Twitter, it seems fellow artist Katy Perry is on her side.

Minaj was responding to a negative tweet, when Katy gave her seal of approval of the album cover. Katy joked that she would love to take a nap on Nicki’s behind.

Nicki quickly shared her appreciation by retweeting Katy’s message and responding: “LMFAOOOOO Katy cat nooooooooooooo!!! RT @katyperry: I wanna take a nap on dat pillow doe @NICKIMINAJ”.