Katy Perry keeping it real and relatable with postpartum selfie

Not only did this queen of pop, Katy Perry, deliver her first child, Daisy Dove Bloom, into the world just five days ago, but she also delivered her brand new studio album, Smile. We think it’s fair to say that the singer has had quite the week.

Between juggling a newborn and motherhood for the very first time and keeping up with promoting her new record, it came as no surprise that Katy didn’t end up making it to last night’s MTV Video Music Awards.

Instead, the American Idol judge decided to post an extremely relatable selfie to her Instagram Stories, showing off her unfiltered, unedited, postpartum body. The mirror selfie featured Katy Perry showing off her practical nursing bra with breast pump attachments paired with the oh-so-comfortable Bridget Jones sized knickers.


The witty captions she wrote to go along with her pic, included, “Hair n makeup by: @exhaustion. Bra by @medela_us. Underwear by @fridamom”. 

A post like this is so refreshing and relatable to mums everywhere, who remember those sleep-deprived early days of motherhood fondly. It’s also wonderful to see Perry showing off her postpartum stomach, which looks completely normal for a mum who just gave birth mere days ago. 

Kudos to Katy for normalising the postpartum bod!