Katy Perry has some VERY exciting news to share!


Katy Perry must be delighted this morning with the news emerging that she will perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show next year.

The singer will follow in the footsteps of Beyoncé, Madonna, Bruno Mars and The Black Eyed Peas when she takes to the stage at the iconic event in Arizona next February.

Other rumoured contenders are Rihanna and Coldplay. Could there be a joint concert on the cards?!

Katy Perry had previously dismissed speculation that she would be taking part in next year's show, saying she was "not that kind of girl." However she did acknowledge that the issue had been discussed, saying, "We had some conversations, and I would be honoured, of course, but … the ball is in their field."

Katy initially turned the gig down when it was announced that musicians would now be expected to pay a fee to perform at the Super Bowl, which last year pulled in a record 111.5 million viewers. Wow.

However with a large gap in her tour dates early next year, a Super Bowl performance would certainly be a good business move for the Prism singer, regardless of the cost!

We can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve!