Kate Moss talks about the price of fame

Ever wonder what a 20-year-old Kate Moss looked like? Well, thanks to the release of Nick Knight’s fashion film, we manage to get a glimpse of the fresh faced model.

The film shows Kate starting out as a model in 1995 and explores the ideas of privacy and anonymity in the fashion world.

The film is entitled The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become and is a little bit creepy, as it is shot from the perspective of a stalker.

Even though the film might be a weird, we do get to see Kate open about the realities of fame.

“You can be in a place and be leaving and everyone’s staring at you, it’s a kinda uneasy. I’d much rather they come up and say something than just sit there and stare. I suppose the money’s not bad and getting to go anywhere at the drop of a hat.”