Kate? Is that you flying to the rescue?


Well this made us do a double-take.

Prince William was just minding his own business completing his first air ambulance mission when the internet suddenly noticed his co-pilot looked very familiar.

Indeed, the glamorous doctor bears a striking resemblance to none other than the Duchess of Cambridge.

The pair were on hand to help a man in his 50s who had suffered a heart attack and needed to be flown to the closest hospital.

The Duchess of Cambridge look alike is Gemma Mullen, and even her hair is similar to Kate Middleton’s famous brunette mane.

A group of nurses nearby couldn’t believe the scene as they gathered around to see the royal rescue.

One of those gathered to snap some quick photos told the Daily Mail:

“Word got around the hospital pretty quickly that he had flown in and some nurses who were on a break rushed out to see if they could see him.”

According to those gathered around the scene, Prince William remained completely professional despite the people gathered around taking videos of the royal and his co-pilot.

The 33-year old Prince William is apparently quite popular with his new colleagues with a spokeswoman for the East Anglian Air Ambulance saying he is “likeable” and “valued” by his crew.

We imagine the swooning nurses probably got him a raised eyebrow or two. We just wonder what Kate would have to say about all this?