Kate Garraway says husband is in minimal state of consciousness

We have all been following Kate Garraway and her family’s harrowing journey since her husband Derek was admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in March.

We have kept them in our thoughts over the past few months and have been thinking of Kate as she returns to work on Good Morning Britain this morning.

The mum explained that Derek’s doctors encouraged her to continue living her life as they fight to save her husband’s. Speaking about Derek’s current condition, Kate explained that he is able to open his eyes slightly and is in a minimal state of consciousness. 

“His eyes are opening but we have no real knowledge of what he can see or feel or hear. It is a very desperate situation. It is very difficult. Of course there's fantastic hope that he's still alive. The doctors do keep saying it is a miracle he's still alive,” she shared.

The presenter continued, “I was speaking to someone yesterday – a doctor who's treated him in two of the hospitals he's been in – who said, 'He's as sick as anyone I've ever seen in 35 years of medicine, never mind COVID. And some of those people who were as sick as him aren't here.”

She revealed that the doctors told her he wasn’t going to survive six times since he was hospitalised in the springtime.

The mum added that there are moments where they feel hopeful about Derek’s recovery and shared that his lungs, liver and kidneys are improving a little bit, but said doctors “don't know how much better he can get."