Kate Ferdinand worries how her new baby will fit in with Rio’s 3 kids


Former TOWIE star Kate Ferdinand is expecting her first child with footballer Rio Ferdinand, and is due to give birth quite soon. 

However, Kate has confessed that she’s worried about how their new baby boy will fit into her life with Rio’s three older children.

Kate is currently a loving step-mum to Rio’s three kids, Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and Tia, nine, whom he shared with his late wife, Rebecca Ferdinand, who passed away from breast cancer in 2015.

Concerned about how she’s going to be able to juggle it all, the 29-year-old mum-to-be opened up about her worries in an interview with OK!.”I’m worried about how I’m going to cope with four kids and two dogs,” she admitted.

“I’m not worried about giving them the love or them feeling left out. We’re all so close,” Kate confirms, adding, “It’s quite a busy household as it is – we’ve got a lot going on.”

“There’s a lot of horse riding, football, everything. So it makes me a little bit nervous – having a baby and how he’s going to fit in,” she wonders before saying that once her baby boy arrives it will, “take a bit of time” for everything to fall into place and settle down.


However difficult this new family addition might be, Kate was adamant that none of her step-children feel left out. “It’s really important for me that all the children are treated the same and they all have the same amount of love, care and attention,” she stated.

Happy to have Rio’s kids around, who are all so excited to meet their new baby brother, Kate also admitted, “I’ve got three little helpers, which is quite lucky.”