Kate Ferdinand details ‘worry’ before she welcomed daughter Shae

Kate Ferdinand has recalled the ‘worry’ that she experienced prior to welcoming her baby daughter. 

The former star of The Only Way Is Essex welcomed her daughter Shae in July of last year alongside her husband, retired footballer Rio Ferdinand.

The couple also share three-year-old son Cree together, and Kate is a stepmum to Rio's three children – Lorenz (17), Tate (15) and Tia (12) – from his marriage to the late Rebecca Ellison, who died from breast cancer in 2015.

Now, as she prepares to celebrate Shae’s first birthday in two months’ time, Kate has confessed that her pregnancy was an emotional time.

The 32-year-old mum recently spoke to OK! and recalled how she felt before welcoming Shae into the world.

"It's always a bit of a worry for everyone in the family, even me and Rio. It affects everyone, because a new baby in the house changes the dynamic. But like anything in life, everyone just adapts. You get used to it and you find your space,” she explained.

Noting the challenges of raising five children, Kate went on to add: "It's mental. Our house is very busy now. In recent weeks, I've been struggling with the load of just managing schedules and being there for everyone. But I wouldn't want it any other way.”

The former reality star then went on to admit that she often struggles with ‘mum guilt’.

"How do I spread myself across five children? How do I make sure I'm there for everyone and giving them all quality time? I don't all the time, obviously, because it's impossible. I'm struggling with that a lot at the moment. Mum guilt is huge, but I suppose you just have to ride it out because you're never going to be perfect,” Kate stated.

Adding that it’s "a joy to watch them grow up”, Kate concluded by confirming if she hopes to welcome more children.

"I think five is more than enough. I'm just about managing, so I think we're happy where we are,” she teased.