Kanye West just changed the name of his upcoming album yet AGAIN

To be honest, we shouldn't be surprised.

You've heard this one before ladies; Kanye West has changed that name of his upcoming album, yet AGAIN.

In March of last year, Kayne announced that his next album was called So Help Me God. However, two months later he changed it to SWISH (which we all kinda digged).

But now, Yeezy has gone and done it again, changing SWISH to Waves. Yes, Waves.

To be fair, he did say last summer that "he might change it again," but with two weeks to go until its debut, it's a little late notice. 

He also shared a picture yesterday of a very scribbled-on notepad, with all the different album and song names.

The same notepad was signed by Kylie and Kim, with Kylie saying, "Kylie was here," and beside it, "Kim never left."