Kanye SKIPS a song release and leaves it up to Kim to explain

After disappointing many fans in 2015 with no new music, Kanye West promised that each and every Friday, he would debut a new track from his album this year.

And, yep, he's already let us down, skipping out on last Friday's release. Less than two weeks after he promised us. *Sarcastic clapping*.

But not to fear, as his wife, Kim Kardashian, came to his rescue to clear things up.

The reality star took to social media to excuse her husband for being a no-show. In the tweet, Kim said: "I soooo didn’t mean to lie to you guys about GOOD FRIDAYS coming back.

"Kanye flew to Italy for a Yeezy Season 3 fitting. He flew Noah out with him so he could finish ‘No More Parties In La’ & wrote 90 bars on the plane there!!!”

She then assured her his fans that the new song will be coming soon and Kanye went straight to the studio to finish it.

Bit late now, Kanye.