Kaley Cuoco handles awkward moment in best way ever!


At last night’s People’s Choice Awards, Kaley Cuoco was over the moon to win Favourite Comedic TV Actress and took to the stage to thank her fans and her co-stars. However, she completely forgot to thank someone very special in her life – her husband!

Obviously distraught at this, Kaley thought of a way to fix it and got her ex-boyfriend Johnny Galecki to do it for her!

When The Big Bang Theory cast took to the stage to accept the award for Favourite Network TV Comedy, Johnny reached out to Kaley’s husband Ryan, saying: “Hey, just real quick, I’d like to take a brief moment, because Kaley forgot during her speech to thank her husband, Ryan. You are my heart, and I can’t imagine what I’d be without you.”

We love it! It looks like Johnny and Ryan are not the awkward exes many would be!

Johnny and Kaley dated for two years until 2009 and Kaley married Ryan in December 2013. It looks like Johnny saved Kaley from an awkward car journey home…