Julia avoids break-in thanks to interesting security system


It seems Julia Roberts really has some of the best security teams out there, especially when it comes to her house.

Julia’s next door neighbours have revealed that a man tried to break into her $9.5million Malibu mansion, last January.

But apparently it wasn’t long till the intruder was met by Robert’s ex-Us military security guards and was “slam dunked” into cactus bushes surrounding her house, as a result.

Julia’s neighbour went onto to describe that a lot of police cars soon came rushing down to star’s house.

“By the time I got there, the man was just crawling out of the cactus bush outside her property and the security guards were talking to the police. One of them was boasting saying: ‘I’m an ex-Marine and I just picked him up and threw him head first in the cactus.’”

Security revealed to the same neighbour that he was a crazed stalker guy and was brave for even trying to break into the 46-year-old’s actress mansion, considering all the security detail she has.

But it seems despite the security guards best efforts, the intruder managed to get away. Although you would think, he’d be hard to miss, considering all the cactus thorns that would be sticking out of him.