Jude Law sold out by member of family


Jude Law just found out that a member of his family sold information about him to the News of the World and we’re pretty sure he is not a happy camper.

The British actor, who is currently giving evidence in the phone hacking trial, found out today that someone had received money in exchange for information on his then relationship with Sienna Miller.

When Prosecutor Andrew Edis QC asked him: “When was the first time that you heard the suggestion that a member of your family had passed information to the News of the World for money?” Jude Law replied: “Today”

The actor says he “suspected many people around [him]”of passing on information; however, he was not aware that money exchanged hands. He states:  “I was made aware very recently there had been some kind of communication with this person and several others in and around the time, this period. I was never aware any money changed hands.”

After being passed a piece of paper with the relative’s name of it, Jude now knows who sold him out. Wouldn’t like to be that person right now.