Joshua Jackson discusses recent sex scenes.


Joshua Jackson opens up about the sex scenes involved in playing Cole in hit new series The Affair. The thirty-six year-old actor and Diane Kruger’s other half has revealed that filming the particularly graphic sex scenes for the show is not dissimilar to filming fight scenes. Joshua says: “It’s aggressive, but the truth is it’s just like doing a fight scene as an actor. You’re not really beating someone up in a fight scene. The sex is aggressive.”

Joshua admits that these scenes can leave both actors feeling a little unsettled so he tries to be as reasonable about the whole process as possible, saying: “You’re putting a woman in a very vulnerable position when you’re doing scenes like this so the more upfront about it you can be and the more choreographed it can be, the less opportunity there is for awkwardness or anything else bad to happen in that space. For a woman to be completely exposed on a film set is an uncomfortable space.”

Perhaps Joshua’s approach to these scenes makes it easy to believe the former Dawson’s Creek star is quite chivalrous and he thinks he inherited his mother’s version of feminism, saying: “You can be simultaneously kind and chivalrous without being patronising. I feel like there’s a degree of grace with which you can live your life when it comes to the opposite sex and you should.”

Well said, Josh!