Josh Hartnett to be the new James Bond?


Josh Hartnett has said he feels he is being groomed for an upcoming James Bond movie. The actor was speaking during a Q&A session for the upcoming TV show, Penny Dreadful.

The new TV programme that will begin on Showtime in May not only has a star-studded cast, but has an Oscar-nominated crew behind it too!

The new pyschosexual horror was created by Oscar-nominated writer John Logan, will be directed by Juan Antonio Bayana and is also being produced by Sam Mendes.

Josh Hartnett has said that he feels he is being groomed as the next James Bond: “There’s a lot of James Bond on this show: John write Skyfall, Sam directed it, Eva was in Casino Royale – I said to someone, I think I’m bein groomed for the next Bond movie.”