Jennifer Garner gives advice about ‘not being scared to get older’


Jennifer Garner has been opening up about getting older. 

The 13 Going on 30 actress is preparing to turn 52 years old next month and ahead of her celebrations, she’s been sharing advice about ageing. 

Explaining that people 'shouldn't be scared’ of growing older because it is a ‘gift’ to be able to do so, Jennifer praised the wisdom she’s learned through the years. 

While speaking with People, Garner admitted she has “moments” when she reflects on her younger years, but revealed, “Honestly, mostly, I am grateful just to be alive”.

“And I'm grateful for the wisdom that I've gleaned out of these years and really grateful to be able to watch other women go through this process of life so gracefully”.

Jennifer also shared that she tries to “follow in their footsteps and tell other young women, ‘Take care of yourself, but don't be scared. Ageing is a gift’”.

The mum of three also opened up to the publication about watching her children growing up and making important decisions in their lives.

“They're really solid right now. I'm just watching them in this new phase of life where they're figuring out who they're going to be and what they're going to study. And I'm so interested in them. All the time, I'm interested in everything about them”.

Confessing that it’s “so hard”, to watch her children make their own life decisions, the Yes Day star then discussed the phrases that she tries not to say to them as a parent. 

"I mean, my parents did too, and I'm so amazed by that”.

“I have a really hard time not saying, ‘This is what I see you as’, and, ‘I think you should’. I really have to sit on my hands”.

Jennifer is a proud mum to three children- 18-year-old Violet, 15-year-old Seraphina and 12-year-old Samuel, whom she shares with her ex-husband Ben Affleck.