#Jealous: Kelly Clarkson tells Twitter she ‘hates’ Chrissy Teigen


Let's be honest, if Chrissy Teigen wasn't so damn hilarious, we'd probably hate her too.

Instead, however, we fan-girl all over ourselves every time she posts something on Twitter and we coo like good things whenever she gets her Instagram game on.

In saying all that, we kind of see where Kelly Clarkson is coming from when she joked that she 'hated' Chrissy after seeing a stunning snap of the new mum on Instagram over the weekend.


Making brunch with my favorite mama

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Uploading a shot of Chrissy getting her Mother's Day breakfast on which her husband John Legend shared with fans this week, Kelly tweeted: "Okay, what?! She just had a baby!"

"My train of thoughts…#hateher #justkidding #kindofnotkidding #jealouslikeJonas," the Because of You singer continued in a post which has been liked more than 1,000 times.

34-year-old Kelly, who gave birth to her second child in April, was inundated with like-minded comments, with one fan of the star tweeting: "I had my daughter 9 mths ago and still haven't found the way to my make up bag or kitchen to cook!! #keepingitreal." (sic)

Come on now ladies, we're sure John had ALL of us in mind when he penned All Of You…right?!