Jamie Laing hits back at claims he is ‘inexperienced’ for radio

Jamie Laing has responded to critics claiming he is too ‘inexperienced’ for his radio presenting role.

On February 16, the former Made In Chelsea star was confirmed as the permanent replacement host for Jordan North on BBC Radio 1’s afternoon programme.

At the time, Jamie received a wealth of criticisms accusing him of being too ‘inexperienced’, and only getting the role because of his reality star and ‘posh boy’ status.


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Now, after beginning his new role on March 4, Jamie has opened up about how the negative comments frustrated him.

Earlier today, Jamie appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain and was quizzed by presenters Rob Rinder and Charlotte Hawkins on whether his appointment should be labelled as ‘unfair’.

"I don't think it seems 'unfair'. I was doing Made In Chelsea back in the day, and then people sort of think maybe I got to do Radio 1 because I was on a reality show,” the 35-year-old explained.


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"And I would probably think, ‘That's unfair,’ right. I suppose for me, I've been trying to work towards that for eight years, doing little trials. Doing a stint when Mollie King, lovely Mollie King was on maternity leave. And they finally sort of offered me the job. Hopefully, I'm doing an ok job, I think,” he added.

Host Rob Rinder went on to state: "And the reaction has been great. The answer is it might get you into the door to be a little well known, but it doesn't get you to stay there.”

 "Oh, it doesn't,” Jamie agreed.


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In a statement released on February 18, the podcaster expressed his joy at joining the Radio 1 team, writing: “Jordan North is a complete pro/legend, who’s left some really big shoes to fill so I’m going to do my absolute best to do him and the show justice.”

“I’ve always loved music and radio and like most of us I grew up listening and being a Radio 1 fan, so to be joining the BBC Radio 1 family officially feels unreal,” he added.