Jamie Dornan is rumoured to have been axed from his latest film


Actor Jamie Dornan was supposed to star alongside Bradley Cooper in the new film Burnt

However, reports have emerged that claim film bosses are apparently too worried that Jamie's role in Fifty Shades of Grey would be "too distracting."

The Sun have made the report that while Jamie had already been involving in filming for the project, executives decided to let him go from the cast. The film is about a hotheaded chef who opens a restaurant in Paris and tries to get himself a prestigious third Michelin star. 

Despite the actor undergoing specific training for the part, it would seem that his scenes have now been cut. A spokesperson for the film has confirmed that his scenes would not be used. However they did not give any specific reasons why this had happened. They said:

"Jamie's role was a small cameo that part of a back story and following the editing process is no longer part of the fim."

The tabloid are reporting that sources have pointed to his involvement with the Fifty Shades franchise as being the main reason for his dismissal:

"It's embarassing. being in Fifty Shades of Grey seems to be getting Jamie dropped from movies which he had already been cast in rather than landing him big new roles."

"But some people having him pop up on screen would be distracting. They're hoping to generate Oscar buzz with Burnt, and featuring the star of the most widely panned film of 2015 wasn't going to do the project any favours really."

Jamie's character was supposed to be a rival to that of Bradley's but it would seem that his story line will no longer feature.