James Corden details hopes to finish Gavin & Stacey script this week

The Gavin & Stacey finale is almost ready for filming!

On May 3, fans of the beloved BBC sitcom were thrilled when its co-writers and two of its stars, James Corden and Ruth Jones, confirmed that another Christmas episode will be airing this December. 

The festive special, which will be the third in the show’s history, will also serve as Gavin & Stacey’s last-ever episode.


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Ahead of production beginning in the coming months, one of the show’s creators has now revealed that the script is nearly done.

Speaking to host Jordan North on the Capital Radio breakfast show earlier today, James Corden – who plays Smithy – was quizzed about the upcoming finale.

“Is it all written, is it all locked in? Is there still stuff to write?” Jordan asked.

“It's written right but now we're doing rewrites. So we have to remove some time, we have to change some bits around, so we've been doing that,” James explained.

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The 45-year-old then went on to express how the process has been made difficult by his scheduling conflicts with castmate and co-writer Ruth Jones.

“It's quite tough because Ruth Jones is in Sister Act over in the West End at the minute, and I'm doing The Constituent at the Old Vic [Theatre],” James detailed.

“So we've been doing quite a bit of writing in dressing rooms and things like that. And then both looking at each other being quite tired from the plays but we'll be back at it tomorrow,” he joked further, before going on to confirm when the pair hope to have the rewrites completed.

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“Back at it Friday. I hope by Friday… it will be done and finished this Friday!” he exclaimed, to which radio host Jordan asked if that is their deadline.

“Well it's the deadline we've set ourselves, because we start shooting pretty soon now. It's not far away now,” James teased.

Filming for the Gavin & Stacey finale is due to begin in the autumn, before it airs on BBC One this Christmas Day.