Ja Rule apologizes to local woman who lost life savings to Fyre Festival


Ja Rule has taken to social media to deliver a public apology to a women who was left financially destitute following the Fyre Festival disaster. 

The Bahamaian restaurant owner, who runs the Exuma Point Bar and Grille Maryann Rolle featured on the Netflix documentary about the festival, and revealed that she had spent all of her lifesavings and more feeding the crew and guests, without recieving a penny in return.

Taking to Twitter, the rJa Rule shared a statement of apology to the restaurant owner:

'My heart goes out to this lovely lady… MaryAnne Rolle we’ve never met but I’m devastated that something that was meant to be amazing, turn out to be such a disaster and hurt so many ppl…'

'SORRY to anyone who has been negatively effected by the festival… Rule'

While it is unknown whether the rapper contributed, some justice has been found for Maryann. 

A GoFundme campaign set up by Maryann has now raised over $158,000 for her to rebuild her life.


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'It has been an unforgettable experience catering to the organisers of Fyre Festival. Back in April 2017 I pushed myself to the limit catering no less than a 1000 meals per day,' she wrote in a heartfelt description.'

Before the doomed festival was cancelled, thousands of attendees were flown out, and rather than be brought straight to the unfinished campsite, many were diverted to a restaurant and beach bar called The Exuma Point Resort, Bar & Grille, who had been contracted to host the party goers. 

The restaurant had also fed and watered staff at Fyre Festival for weeks leading up to the event. 

However, the owners of the restaurant did not receive a pre-payment for the costs the party would involve, and have never received their promised wage.