‘I’ve been there’ Fitness influencer’s message to Instagram photoshop

Bloggers and influencers have gotten a lot of heat recently for airbrushing and photoshopping –  particularly fitness influencers. 

Lucy Mountain, the authentic fitness blogger behind The Fashion Fitness Foodie, has taken to her Instagram to share a secret from her past to her 212,000 followers. 

Speaking in an Insta caption, she explained that in the past, her insecurities led her to photoshopping her fitness photos.

'I used to photoshop my pictures before it was ‘kool’. Before Instagram. Before Facetune. Before I realise how stupidly damaging it was to both myself and anyone who happened to see it,' she wrote.

'Six years ago I was in a very different place. I’d just started dabbling with the gym following my first year as a FrEsHeR – when my main food groups were dominos pizza and snakebites.This was the first holiday where I felt like I’d lost enough weight to be deemed a bit ‘fitness.’ ⠀ ⠀

'Only when I looked back on the holiday photos, I loathed my body. I felt embarrassed by it and what people would think of it. (This was a time when uploading your ’HoLiDaY’ holiday album to Facebook was a much-anticipated release lol.)' ⠀

'And so, I edited mine. I cinched in my waist, airbrushed my stomach, shrunk my thighs (cc wobbly balcony) and gave myself a subtle yet highly aggressive boob-lift. I didn’t see how damaging it was it the time.'

'Because not only had I indirectly told myself that I am not worthy – it was quite literally not me. And now I had to complete with it. Wtf.'⠀ ⠀

'Thankfully its a habit that dissolved alongside finding self-worth. Although my physical body has indeed changed – potentially further towards the ideal ‘2012 me’ wanted – it would still have never have been small enough, smooth enough or good enough.'⠀ ⠀

'Editing your body is a losing battle. You will never win. So if you’re in the toxic cycle of manipulating your photos – I’VE BEEN THERE. But it’s time to stop. You need to do better, for yourself and the women around you.'⠀

Preach, sister.