‘It’s hardly child abuse!’ Katie Price’s fans rush to her defence online


Former glamour model Katie Price posted a cosy snap of her children enjoying Peppa Pig by the fire to Instagram this week.

However, the critical comments were soon pouring in as eagle-eyed fans noticed something about three-year-old Jett.

"How old is Jett? He’s still in nappies," asked one commentator. 


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People were quick to step in and defend the mum-of- five, slamming the haters for their "rudeness."

"Three years old and in a nappy at night time is hardly child abuse! My little boy still wears them during the day at times. Potty training is an individual task that all children are different in succeeding in," said one fellow mum.

"It’s so unnecessary being rude about someone’s family. Why would you even comment. You’re doing a great job @officialkatieprice your kids are beautiful," said another.


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Most fans also highlighted the fact that Jett could be wearing pull up pants for bedtime, and not wearing nappies 24/7. 

"Children are usually ready for toilet training between 2 and 3 years old. But each child starts in their own time," says the HSE.