It’s baaaack! MTV release new trailer for Teem Mom Original Girls


If you're anything like us then you will LOVE this news!

Following on from Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and countless re-runs of Sixteen and Pregnant – the new series is finally here! 

Called Teen Mom OG (Original Girls), the new series will follow the ladies who began it all; Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Farrah in their current lives, three years on from their last appearances. 

And what a difference three years makes! Not only are Catelynn and Tyler expecting a child together, six years on from their adoption of daughter Carly, but Maci and Amber's former partner, Gary are also respectively expecting babies with their partners. 

The season won't be without drama either as it looks like none of the girls want Farrah to appear and when it is announced she will, sparks go flying…

We can't wait for this!