Easy… So THIS is how a Victoria’s Secret model stays in shape

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, filled with mulled wine, mince pies and selection boxes. Soo hard to resist…

BUT it seems like a diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and fresh fish – with the odd indulgence, is the best go-to, low maintenance, way to stay in shape.

If you are looking for ways to stick to a cleaner diet and stay in shape this holiday season, why not some inspo from the Victoria Secrets models fitness regime?

1. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima who follows a diet rich in fresh fish, fruit and vegetables, swears by her buckwheat shakes.

We all know the body repairs itself while we are sleeping so this protein packed shake not only helps in building muscle, it is also a great metabolism booster.

Lima suggests mixing with hemp milk (you could try almond) and honey.

2. Martha Hunt

Salad dodger Martha Hunt, eats plenty of meat and eggs to achieve and maintain her toned figure.

Martha ensures she has protein in every meal, due to her extensive workout regime which includes going to the gym, yoga and Pilates. She does admit to indulging in pizza from time to time though – well, she is only human after all!

“If my body is really craving something, I don’t deny it,” the model previously said. “You need to eat bad food in moderation. It’s good for peace of mind.”

3. Bridget Malcom

Vegan Bridget Malcom enjoys a diet rich in plant protein including almonds, soy, and tempeh.

In order to curb overeating, Bridget follows the Japanese principle ‘Eat until you are 80 percent full’, and leaves 12 hours between lunch and dinner.

4. Rachel Hilbert

Prone to suffering from food boredom, Rachel Hilbert frequents many New York restaurants such as the Souen, Soho which specialises in macrobiotic Japanese food.

When cooking at home, the Victoria Secrets' model regularly eats a breakfast of eggs and avocado, grilled chicken and avocado for lunch and baked white fish with vegetables for dinner.

Coming up to a show, Rachel admits: “I drink a lot of water. . . and I usually double the amount of greens I eat. They give you a glowing look.”