Is your computer slow? Here are five ways to speed it up!


Cool it down
If every now and again your computer freezes and then shuts itself down, it could be overheating. There are ways to help this such as investing in a cooling pad. These little gadgets plug into your computer. just like a USB. and keep it cool.

Delete, delete, delete
Every time you go online, your computer stores data from each webpage you visited so that the next time you go there, it won’t take as long to load. This data takes up a lot of space though and slows your computer down, so it’s good to delete your temporary files every now and again.

Keep running programs to a minimum
If you have several programs running at the same time, it uses up a lot of memory. Close down any programs you’re not using instead of leaving them open in the background – your computer will thank you.

More memory
If you open your Task Manager, click on Performance and then look under Physical Memory, you’ll see if the available space is low or not. If it is, you could probably do with investing in more RAM – this will speed up your computer no end.

Free your hard drive
The easiest way to speed up your computer is to delete programs you no longer use from your hard drive. You should have at least 5% capacity on your hard drive – if you don't, it's time to to a clean out!