Is the naked painting party twerking its way to Irish shores?


A new party trend has made its way over from the States, and could very well be hitting Irish clubs in time for the summer.

Nude Body Painting involves a club night where you turn up, strip down, and proceed to dance, drink and paint each other’s naked bodies with UV paint.

But where do we put our purses?!

While getting down to the buff is not mandatory, Nude Body Painting is definitely not a night for wall flowers.

A concept devised by Social Exposure, a New York City-based avant-garde events company, the events have been a massive success state-side and across the world, drawing hundreds of eager thrill seekers in New York, Mexico and Miami.

And now the trend has hit clubs in the UK, with the first ever event of its kind being held this weekend in London.

The idea of the nights is to ‘celebrate inner beauty, positive body image and unity through the arts’.

“Brushes are going every where and you should expect to leave completely covered in paint,” explains founder of Social Exposure, Sally Golan.

Oh my!

The rules for the evening are things such as ‘No inappropriate behaviour’ and ‘respect each other’s privacy and bodies’.

Well, we’d like to think so!