Is sugar killing us?

At some stage or another it seems as if everything is bad for us but now it would seem doctors and health experts around the world finally agree on one thing – white refined sugar is killing us.

With a massive rise in obesity and diabetes worldwide and in Ireland, is our massive consumption of sugar the root of these problems?

Sugar is in almost everything that we eat including chocolate, sweets, all fizzy and juice drinks, cereals, even beans and ketchup have high levels of sugar!

While we have learnt to check the calories and grams of fat on the products that we eat, are we ignoring the biggest threat of all to our health – the sugar content?

We can tackle our intake of sugar by checking the foods we eat and trying to eat less processed food and eating more fruit and vegetables. Swap white, refined sugar for raw honey or agave syrup.

Try to avoid sweeteners as they are laden down with chemicals – yuck.