That ring! Katie Holmes’s red carpet BLING sparks some big rumours

Since her marriage to Tom Cruise came to a messy (and very public end) in 2012, Katie Holmes has tried to keep her private life out of the media. And we certainly cannot blame her. 

However, this week on the red carpet the Dawson's Creek actress sported a new piece of bling that had everyone talking – a stunning diamond ring.

Dressed all in black silk at the Variety Stylemakers event, the ring was clearly visible on Katie's wedding finger.

The mum-of-one has reportedly been dating Jamie Foxx for over a year, but has made a determined attempt to keep the romance under wraps.

She's even gone as far as dressing in disguise to visit him without getting papped by celeb snappers.

Since Us Weekly first broke the story last year, the pair have made repeated efforts to deny the romance, but they've been spotted in public together numerous times in spite of that.

Speaking to DishNation, Jamie insisted there was nothing going on. "No, we're not dating. I'm not the person who wants to be defined by anybody I date.

"So, even if I was dating someone, no one would know anyway."

Speaking last year about her life post-Tom, Katie admitted she had become much more content in herself.

"I don't have any fear now, I don't have a lot of rules for myself, and I don't take myself that seriously," she told People.

Here's hoping she has found happiness again.