Is Kanye causing a rift among the Kardashians?


We’re going to put it out there – we love Scott Disick.

But one person who is not too happy with the reality star right now is Kanye West.

According to reports today, Kanye is unhappy with Scott’s partying ways, viewing it as disrespectful to pregnant partner Kourtney.

A source told HollywoodLife that Kanye, who is extremely close to Kourtney, disapproves of Scott’s frequent absence from the family this close to her due date.

“Kanye would never leave Kim when she was pregnant, unless it was to bring money back home to the family,” said the source, adding, “He didn’t leave Kim alone when she was pregnant unless he was clocking six figures.”

Apparently Scott isn’t in the same mind as the rapper however, with the source revealing that the father-of-two is out partying regularly, and “drinking like the world is about to end.”

Scott, whose partying antics have gotten him into trouble plenty of times in the past, isn’t exactly helping the reports. Just this week he was pictured having a ball in a nightclub in Las Vegas, with Kourtney nowhere to be seen.

We’re sure that Kanye will have a quiet word in Scott’s ear if needs be!