Is a reunion on the cards? The O.C: The Musical is happening

Praise the musical gods!

Not only are we being gifted with the news that a Clueless musical is in the works, now one of our most favourite TV shows of all time is having a musical adaptation.

Creator of Cruel Intentions: The Musical are developing a new take on the hit Fox teen drama The O.C. There’s even a Twitter account for the new musical.

We can hardly contain our excitement. Christmukkah has come early for all the of the shows many, many loyal fans.

Director Lindsey Rosin and producer Jordan Ross shared a snap of the score on Friday with the lyrics to the song Paint the Silence. Die hard Ryan/Marissa fans will remember that song was playing during an oh-so important moment for the pair.

The series ran for 4 seasons from 2003-2007 (although to be fair most Marissa fans ignore season 4 entirely).

There’s no word as of yet who has been cast to play either Ryan (originally played by Ben McKenzie) or Marissa (Mischa Barton). A few of the other favourites have been cast though. Drew Sheely will appear as Luke “welcome to the O.C b***h” Ward and Christine Lakin will be Kirsten Cohen.

‘What about Seth and Summer?’ you cry. Or even Princess Sparkles and the famous daring Captain Oats? We’ll just have to wait and see, unfortunately.

The O.C: The Musical will begin its run at the end of August this year, it hasn’t yet been announced where though. Is it too much to hope that Dublin might be a worthy spot for the new show?

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed and indulging in some marathon re-watches in the meantime. And yes we will be practicing all of the words to the theme song while we’re at it.