Irish stars engage in a bitter war of words


Something of a war of words has broken out between singer Samantha Mumba and radio presenter Jennifer Maguire over the past few days…

After Samantha Mumba, who is expecting her first child very soon, was involved in a car crash in the US last week, a selfie she took from the scene did not impress Jennifer, who wrote in her Sun column: “How did it even enter her head at that point that this would be a good time to tweet? It’s so bizarre to me.”

Now, Samantha has hit back at Jennifer, who is also shortly expecting her first child and told the Sun: “I would have presumed that anyone with half a brain, never mind another pregnant woman, would have already known that my only concern at the actual time was my baby.”

The singer then went on to wish Jennifer well in the remainder of her pregnancy: “To the best of my knowledge, we have never met so I definitely don’t expect empathy from her. I wish Jennifer well with the rest of her pregnancy.”

We're sure if the ladies do ever meet, they'll get on great!