Irish people’s favourite snack is revealed

We love nothing more than a slice of cheese to quell our hunger pangs but just how popular is cheese with Irish consumers? Carbery Cracker carried out research last year and its official – Irish people love cheese!  And more than that, 72% of consumers surveyed said that they would prefer to buy Irish cheese.

Carbery Cracker cheese is a product of West Cork and is manufactured by the Carbery Group in Ballineen.  They have kicked off the new year with a new look – the fun, eye-catching new packaging reflects the burst of taste that only West Cork dairy can produce.  Carbery Cracker has also reduced the microns in its film packaging which means 15% less plastic goes into landfill.

The research also found that Irish people love to snack, with 58% of Irish consumers surveyed saying they snack two to three times a day and of those consumers, 68% said they planned to use cheese for snacking.

Eating habits have changed with the demands of modern society; we have become more snackers than set mealtime eaters and cheese is perfect for giving snackers enough fuel to keep working along with being a healthier snack than biscuits or chocolate.

What are our top cheese snacks as a nation?

60% of Irish consumers surveyed said they planned to put their cheese on toast or have it in a sandwich and 44% planned to use it for a cheeseboard.

So how does the Irish market decide on the perfect cheese?

Several factors such as the origin and colour affect cheese purchases, however the main decision-maker is the cheese maturity and taste. Carbery Cracker know how important taste is for cheese-lovers, and that’s why they’ve kept their same, well-loved recipe for their mature red and white cheddar.

Carbery Cracker is available in all good retailers nationwide.