Irish people are extremely confused by this Brexit front page story


As Brexit officially comes into play today, papers all over the globe covered the implications of the UK leaving the European Union.

The Guardian put together a very fetching front page, featuring Europe as a jigsaw puzzle, with the UK missing.

However, the chunk missing also includes a large portion of the Emerald Isle. 

 This has left some Irish folk very baffled, as ROI areas like Donegal and Monaghan were also removed.

Obviously this was just a slight oversight on The Guardian's part, but of course that didn't stop people making jokes about it on Twitter. 

Counties like Offaly and Cork got an awful slagging, as people joked about wanting to give those away in return for the missing ones. 

Old rivalries we're also dug up, in traditional Irish spirit. 

"Cork raging because they were full sure the Dubs would be away."

"Hopes of 'real capital' status dashed," joked one. 

Others got pretty political with their tweets regarding the missing piece of the puzzle. 

"Hey most of the six counties didn't vote to leave but that isn't stopping the Brits," said another.

However, most people took a joking stance to the whole thing.

Feature image:  Kath Viner/Twitter