Irish model slams “cruel” Kim Kardashian


Irish model and mum-of-one Sarah McGovern has slammed Kim Kardashian for piecing baby North’s ears.

The model, who has a five month old daughter and two-year-old son, has said that no one should do what Kim and Kanye did for North’s first birthday:

“I was in Portugal for a few days and I saw a baby over there, she was about five months old, and she had her ears pierced and I was thinking, ‘There’s no way I’d do that’.

“It must be a Mediterranean thing but it’s a fashion thing as well. I think it’s a bit cruel to be honest.

“The baby doesn’t even know any different, it’s more for the parents and it must hurt having it done.

“Maybe when they’re communion age and they can make up their own mind about it, that’s different.”

Sarah is currently working on a project launching Spanish perfume company Saphir into Ireland.