Irish girl’s Ellen DeGeneres song is the catchiest thing you’ll hear today

A young Irish teen has penned a song for her TV idol, Ellen DeGeneres, in the hope that she will be invited to perform on the US chat show.

Being such a huge fan of the show, 17-year-old Eimear O'Tuathail thought she'd chance her arm by composing a cheeky song to grab the attention of the much-loved TV host.

In the chorus, the Galway native tells Ellen how meeting her would be a 'dream come true.'

“Hey Ellen, got a second? Cause I've got something to say – you're my idol, you's make my dream come true if I could meet you.”

Speaking ot RTÉ Entertainment, Eimear said: "She’s really, really funny and every time I watch her show she never fails to make smile. She brings me a lot of joy. I spent a lot of time on the song and it would be great if she heard it.

"I’d love her to hear the song but the dream is to meet her and perform the song on her show. Then I think I’d cry! Hahaha."

And this isn't the fist time the talented performer has drawn inspiration from one of her heroes. Eimear went on to explain how an upsetting incident prompted her to express her emotion through music.

"There was a girl called Christina Grimmie who was a singer on You Tube but she was shot at a concert last summer," she says.

"That upset me so I decided to write a tribute to her which I also put up on You Tube so I suppose the Ellen song is not the first time I’ve done a tribute song."

Eimear has been writing and singing since the age of 12, and her style is often likened to that of Regina Spektor – though she's also a fan of Justin Bieber, Demi Lavato and Tori Kelly.

Hope you're listening Ellen – this girl is going all the way to the top!