Irish brothers complete film on micro crowd-funded budget


Wexford based brothers Dave and Karl McGlone have completed their second feature length film The Girl at the End of the World, which you can watch online today.

The €8,500 budget was raised through crowd funding, but instead of their small budget being viewed as a disadvantage, the brothers felt it forced them to be more creative. Dave said:

“My philosophy on it is if you know when you’re writing, that you’re not going to have a huge budget, you get creative with your characters and instead of doing a car chase you have a bike chase, or a foot chase.

“It brings out a bit more creativity in the writer director.  I watch a lot of micro budget movies myself and story wise you always end up coming out more satisfied than with big budget movies.”

The Girl at the End of the World is about an Irish guy and an American girl who fall in love online. However, when they decide to meet in person a meteor hits earth and destroys their lines of communication.

We love a modern twist on an old fashioned love story! Check out the trailer here, or you can watch the whole thing at