Irish brand Ethos launches multi-functional supplement for busy people

Irish stress-care™ brand Ethos has launched Resilience, a multi-functional supplement aimed at busy people to support them through their busy days. Resilience (€49.00) is an all-in-one blend with optimum levels of vitamins, nutrients and adaptogens to manage stress, boost energy, improve cognitive performance and strengthen immunity.

As busy entrepreneurs, Ethos founders, husband and wife team Amy O’Flaherty and Fergus Kerrigan, understand how the modern lifestyle and extensive workloads cause chronic mind and body stress. This constant busyness can weaken our immune system, energy levels and cognitive health, impacting our ability to thrive at work and home.

Fergus Kerrigan and Amy O’Flaherty

Formulated with the help of health professionals, including nutritional therapists Jessica O'Dwyer and Aisling Fox, Ethos carefully curated a nutritional blend to support the four mechanisms in the body that often are run down due to the stresses of modern life: the immune system, energy levels, brain health and the stress-response.

The result is Resilience, the ultimate do-it-all supplement to fuel mind and body resilience so you can keep moving forward. Resilience combines the benefits of multiple wellness supplements in one naturally sweet blood orange flavour drink. It contains optimal doses of essential vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, Wellmune® and adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Reishi mushroom. By choosing Resilience, you can save up to €75 each month compared to taking several individual products.

Speaking about the vision behind Resilience, Ethos founder Fergus says, "Stress is at the core of 90% of today's chronic health issues. That's why we developed the Ethos Stress-care™ range — to help people just like us who often get caught up in the grind, neglecting our health and routine. Resilience, our latest creation, brings together all your essential supplements at optimal doses in a tasty, convenient drink. Unlike anything else available, it's a unique solution for a resilient mind and body."

Gary Fox, host of The Entrepreneur Experiment, Investor and CEO, uses Resilience daily and says, “incredible resilience is the characteristic of every single leader and entrepreneur I meet. And to be a resilient leader, you need a healthy foundation. This product has helped me maintain that foundation.”

Ethos’ natural supplement range is designed to help you build resilience to modern life stresses and restore mental and physical balance by supporting the five essential health functions: the gut, the mind, sleep, immunity and energy. The Ethos stress-care™ range now includes award-winning food supplements, functional tea blends and a balm product.

Each sachet of Ethos Resilience contains:

  • Stress + Resilience: Ashwagandha KSM-66® + Tulsi + Reishi Mushroom + Zinc
  • Defence + Immunity: Wellmune® + Vitamin C + Selenium
  • Energy + Mental Performance: Zinc + Vitamin B12 + Vitamin B5 + Magnesium
  • Amino Acid Support: L-Glycine + Taurine + L-Arginine

Sustaining your ambition starts with just one sachet a day. Ethos Resilience (€49.00 for 30 sachets) is now available at