Irish Blogger Erika Fox has been cast in a reality show based in NYC

It's supposedly going to be a mix of Sex And The City and The Hills.

Yep, some of Ireland's biggest bloggers are going to take part in a New York-based reality show.

Making It In Manhattan will feature Erika Fox, the woman behind Retro Flame, as she navigates life in NYC.

RTÉ is apparently trying to target a millennial audience with an "aspirational series", which will also include blogger, Louise Cooney.

The influencers will be filmed as they make their way around one of the biggest fashion and beauty industries the world has to offer.

According to The Herald, "This show is an ultimate feel-good, guilty pleasure.


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"Follow the cast as they adorn some of Manhattan's most glamorous locations for both work and pleasure."

The show will air exclusively on RTÉ Player and will be a six-part series.