Ireland fails to make it to the Eurovision final

We really are gutted for Kasey and Can-Linn.

Last night’s Eurovision semi-final featured Austria’s drag artist Conchita Wurst and promised to match the drama of Tuesday night’s Ukraine-Russia tension.

There were the usual crazy acts, bizarre performances and cringe-worthy songs that also featured in the first semi-final, but Irish viewers were more invested in this show as our own was to take to the stage.

While Kasey gave it her all, Ireland’s performance faded into a medley of very similar songs and performances, so it wasn’t all that surprising we didn’t make the final cut.

After the results were announced, the singer said: “We were delighted we got to represent our country on a world stage,” Smith said after the results were announced. “Being in the final would have been a bonus but you can just never predict how these things are going to go. We put our heart and soul into it and gave it our all. It’s given me a real taste for being on the stage and as far as I’m concerned, this is only the beginning for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.”

The ten countries to make it through to Saturday’s final are Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Malta, Belarus, Austria and  Finland.