Ireland AM’s Glenda Gilson talks about her terrible morning sickness

Ireland AM’s entertainment reporter, Glenda Gilson has opened up about her second pregnancy, and the struggles she’s been facing.

The 39-year-old is now 30 weeks pregnant with her second child, after giving birth to son, Bobby, nearly two years ago, and is having a particularly tough time with morning sickness.

Glenda told Evoke, “It’s tough if I’m being honest with you but look, I’m getting through it. The second time is always harder I suppose, well, some people tell me”.

“I’m suffering with morning sickness but look, there’s nothing new there. I’m still suffering with it, I’m over 30 weeks now.” 


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Glenda also describes how nervous she’s been working on Live TV, around cooking demos with an array of smells. “There could have been a chef a few minutes beforehand cooking fish at half 8 in the morning, you are like ‘Oh my God, how am I going to get through this?”

“But everyone is warned that if I have a moment, I just have to jump out of shot. I don’t know when that moment will be and hopefully it will never come. But that is always in the back of my mind,” she commented in an interview with RSVP.

Glenda wasn’t able to keep her little bump hidden for long though, despite working from home through lockdown. She had been doing Skype calls into Ireland AM in the early days on lockdown, with only her head and shoulders in view when she was shocked to receive messages from friends asking her if she was pregnant. 


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“I was trying to hide it for another while and I had people asking was I pregnant! So, my face gave it away because all you could see was my head and shoulders on the Skype call,” she recalled.

Glenda is due to give birth only days after her first son, Bobby’s second birthday at the end of October, with the sex still to be revealed.