Instantly thicken fine, flat hair with the John Frieda ProFiller+ range


For those battling the challenges of fine, limp hair, finding products that offer volume and strength without compromising hair health can feel like a relentless quest. Enter the John Frieda ProFiller+ range—a revolutionary line that marries the efficacy of skincare ingredients with haircare technology. This new addition to the John Frieda collection is a boon for individuals seeking a reliable solution for fine hair, promising an impressive 200% boost in hair volume.

Fine hair often lacks the natural thickness and strength that provides body and resistance to damage. Many people with this hair type find it difficult to maintain volume, and their hair can appear flat and lifeless. This is where the ProFiller+ range steps in. Formulated with ingredients like Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid, it tackles these issues head-on. Biotin, a vitamin known for its role in hair strength, helps fortify each strand, while Hyaluronic Acid, a hydrating powerhouse more commonly found in skincare, ensures that the hair is nourished and cared for from the inside out.

The process of transforming fine hair into a thicker, more voluptuous mane starts with the John Frieda ProFiller+ Shampoo. Priced at €10.99, this shampoo not only cleanses the scalp and hair but also thickens the hair by an impressive 200%. It's designed to reduce hair loss caused by breakage, a common concern among those with finer strands. Following up with the ProFiller+ Conditioner, also €10.99, continues the regime. This conditioner offers an instant thickening effect, making hair feel denser and stronger from the very first use.

To complete the haircare routine, the John Frieda ProFiller+ Thickening Spray adds an extra layer of volume and protection. This €10.99 spray is a godsend for styling, providing a flexible hold that doesn't leave behind any dulling residues. Not only does it plump the hair for an all-over thickening effect, but it also safeguards against heat damage, which can be particularly detrimental to fine hair.

The availability of these products at McCauley Health and Beauty Pharmacy nationwide makes them accessible to a broad audience, eager to enhance their hair's natural texture and strength. The integration of skincare-inspired ingredients into the ProFiller+ range not only signifies a shift in haircare innovation but also offers a tailored solution to those who have long struggled with fine hair. This approach not only enhances the immediate appearance of the hair but also contributes to its long-term health and resilience.

With its promise of doubling hair thickness and reinforcing hair strength, the John Frieda ProFiller+ range addresses the core needs of those with fine hair. It stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to solving common hair issues through advanced technology and ingredient synergy. For many, this range will not just be a new addition to their haircare routine – it will be a transformative experience that boosts confidence and restores hair vitality.