‘I’m gonna go with the big button.. Oh no’: Teens react to Windows 95


Ah, remember the good old days when there was only one computer in the house and not only did it take aaaages to turn on, it also made that horrid (yet, funny) noise to hook up to the Internet?

Well, Fine Brothers Entertainment brought a bunch of teenagers in to try out the old Windows 95 and the results are… Well, the results are kinda hilarious.

Not only do they struggle turning the computer on, the also haven't a notion how to use it properly.

One good thing did come out of the little demo though – appreciation. Windows 95 was the beloved founder of the 'start' button, the recycle bin and Internet Explorer.

But as much as we love the oul' thing, we're so glad it's gone and we don't have to wait 30 full minutes just to get the Internet up.