Iggy Azalea did an epic thing for a homeless man


Iggy Azalea has had a dramatic few months, from being dissed by Snoop Dogg to her feud with Azaelia Banks.

But, while you might expect her to ignore a horde of fans and awaiting paparazzi while she filled up her petrol tank, you are very much mistaken.

In fact, the Fancy singer did something pretty sweet for a homeless man who plucked up the courage to actually approach her rather than standing back and watching.

After engaging in conversation with him, Iggy took out a twenty dollar bill from her wallet and autographed the back of it, handing it over to him.

Given Iggy’s star power, the bill will no doubt fetch a pretty penny, which is something that the man was clearly delighted with.

If Iggy was worried by the recent cheating allegations surrounding her boyfriend Nick Young, she didn’t seem to show it, making us think that all is still well between these two lovebirds.

Between this kind act and her epic Halloween costume, our love for Iggy just grows and grows!