‘I was trapped’: Malin Andersson opens up about domestic violence

Malin Andersson has opened up about being a victim of domestic violence in a powerful open letter. The reality star shared a photo of her bruised face to help women in similar situations.

She wrote, “The external isn’t as bad as the internal. Damage not to my physical body but my mental health also. PTSD. Constant thoughts of ‘am I crazy, did any of this happen?’ Questioning myself.”


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Malin explained that she kept quiet for such a long time because she felt trapped. She struggled to tell anyone about her situation,  “I lost myself completely. I wasn’t Malin, I was someone else. I was trapped. I thought I was ok. I thought that it was my fault. I kept going back because I thought I was in love. I thought this was all love. It’s not.”

She revealed the moment she knew she had to escape her abuser, “I woke up one day and decided to break the cycle. I knew enough was enough. I didn’t know if I would ever see this day, the constant head f***, but I promise you the day I set free came to me, it will come to you.”


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“They will make you out to be crazy. You’re not. Please seek help before it’s too late. END THE CYCLE,” Malin pleaded.

“@womens_aid @refugecharity Call 08082000247 .. or 999 – there are people here to help. You’re not alone,” she stressed.


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To say that the former Love Island star is brave for sharing her story just isn’t enough. The courage and strength it takes to walk away from an abusive relationship is unbelievable, but Malin is right, women must seek help before it is too late.